Rug Stories

The brief

Instagram to E-commerce


Rug Stories - an international luxury brand that specialises in Moroccan Rugs and Ceramic Products - sought our help as they transitioned from an Instagram-only company to one with a more substantial digital presence.

Rug Stories Website Screenshots

What we did

First, we consulted with the client as to which platform was best suited to their particular needs. As Rug Stories is a luxury brand with a wide selection of products - each of which is conducive towards being displayed by pictures - we advised them to use Shopify.

This served their e-commerce needs, providing them with a purpose built transactional platform upon which they could easily receive payments for their orders. This automated process exponentially increased the ease of placing orders for their customers, reflected in a sharp upturn in total orders and sales for Rug Stories.

Rug Stories Screenshot

The Results

Rug Stories now manage a lightning-fast website, hosted on Shopify's bespoke servers. Their sales have increased by almost a factor of three since they took decided to transition to a website-first sales model; their client base of 12,000 continues to grow month on month.

DUX is now retained for website maintenance and to handle any new developments as Rug Stories continues to expand its online presence.