Recommendations, Reviews and Pizza

Can you trust Trustpilot? Amazon? Anyone? Once it became apparent that an Amazon 5 star review often wasn’t worth the digital paper upon which it inscribed (and often could be bought for less than the cost of a coffee), thousands of us became far less trusting when reading reviews. We’re spurious of the poorly spelled Trustpilot reviews that appear on sequential days, we are dubious of the Google reviews from accounts who have exactly one review, and we aren’t taken in by the companies whose LinkedIn posts have a stream of comments from their employees along the lines of “Wicked!”, “Top stuff!” or “Superb product/service/thingymaflip – what a great team!” Loyalty can, after all, be bought for as little as a slice of deep-pan pizza these days.

Therefore, I implore you to trust this writer when he recommends the following experts. They haven’t (yet) paid us, nor have they bought me a pizza (again, yet). They’re just excellent practitioners with whom we have had the pleasure of working.

Renu Ravalia is a social media expert who has a real passion for empowering women to grow their businesses online.

Alex Styles is a photographer whose corporate work is emblazoned across many of our websites. Our mutual clients love the life his images bring and their willingness to recommend him is matched only by our own.

Dan Purdie is an excellent freelance designer who can turn his hand to all manner of web and branding designs.

Whether or not you can trust trustpilot is up to you, but do feel free to approach any of the above with the confidence that unbiased observes can vouch for the quality of their services. After all – isn’t that what online reviews should be?


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