Virtual Financial Clinic

The brief

Creation of a Professional website, based on a basic template


The Virtual Financial Clinic is the brainchild of Chris Bourne, a financial advisor of nearly 20 years. He had built a basic site using WordPress' off-the-shelf website package, but turned to DUX to create a more professional site that befit his growing brand.

Chris Bourne Financial Advice

What we did

Our initial workshops and consultation showed us that Chris wanted to create a vibrant UI, reflective of the sheer amount of content that his blog and YouTube channel contained. He wanted strong colours to form the backdrop of the site, along with a number of images that demonstrated the lifestyle on offer to those who best employ the techniques recommended by financial advisers.

The interface we created embodied this brief, as did our decision to include so many internal links between the blogs and media. We figured that users who were interested in one article would likely retain their interest in other related articles. To take advantage of this, we created article categories and built a function by which each post would contain suggested links to a variety of other articles that shared the same category.

We also created a media page which contains an at-a-glance view of all of the videos uploaded to the Youtube channel, with the most recent video preset to play automatically when selected.





The Results

The website is now live and can be viewed via this link. Links to the corresponding Youtube channel can be found on the site and are highly recommended to all with an interest in developing their financial understanding.