Meet the Team: Greg

In the first of our series of meet the team blogs, allow me to introduce myself – Greg. I am the founder and Director of DUX, a London-based digital agency.

Having worked at a large London-based digital agency, I spotted an opportunity to offer a lean alternative, providing the same level of service without the large operational overheads.

The world of computing and the interweb has always been my primary passion. I studied English at Cambridge University before working as a sports journalist and copywriter. The writing took a back seat, however, after I was appointed as Head of Digital at Chambers and Partners, a large London Publishing house at the age of 25. Since then, I have lived, breathed and occasionally ate the digital world, working in website development and project management.

At DUX, I’m most proud of the work I’ve done with Chiltern Global, You can read more about how we rebranded, redesigned and released the Chiltern Global website here – and more about all of the other projects with which I’ve been involved here.

Outside of work, I mainly scour the internet and find increasingly plausible reasons to avoid going to the gym. I’m also a devout fan of Wolves (the football team, not the animal) and can sometimes be found regaling unwitting passerby’s with tales of university punting. I also think I’m funny.


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