How to keep your WordPress site Safe

In this age of cyber security and digital safety, it is essential that all website owners take every possible step to ensure their platforms are secure.

Our blog shall focus on how to keep your WordPress site safe. It’s a platform that is used for nearly half a billion sites worldwide. (That’s a lot of brackets!)

So, without further ado. Here’s how to keep your WordPress site safe!

  • Install Monthly plugin/app updates
  • Install Platform upgrades (when update/patch is available)
  • Take out secure hosting, from a reputable hosting company (Siteground and Bluehost are our recommendations)
  • Server security patches
  • Install our recommended plugins/apps!

This final point is perhaps the most pivotal, as there are large number of excellent WordPress plugins that are designed to keep your site safe. Some of our most highly recommended plugins are:

iThemes Security

iThemes Security malware scanner is available for free. It scans and does automatic fixes for website security issues, bans bots, spam, and users who have attacked other websites. You can pay for a premium version, which includes additional security features such as: strong password generator, scheduled malware scans. Highly recommended by DUXdigit!

Sucuri Security

Sucuri is a full-featured security plugin. Sucuri is free (basic version), and similarly as iThames (and other plugins) users can purchase a premium version with additional features. Sucuri provides security activity auditing, file monitoring, and malware scanning. Sucuri’s premium version includes features, such as Google Site Browsing and McAfee Site Advisor. What’s nice about Sucuri is that it provides immediate email notification of suspicious activity, and blacklist monitoring.


VaultPress is dedicated mostly to backup services. It is a free and one of its perks is a real-time and scheduled backup of all posts, comments, media files and other site content for protection against losses caused by hackers, viruses, or other accidents or outages. It also includes the usual security features such as malware scanning and email notifications of suspicious activity.


Another free WordPress plugin for spam, bot-blocking malware checking, and two-factor authentication for all users. It scans a site’s host for possible “backdoors” that could put sites at danger and allows users to block traffic from specific sources and countries.


Thanks for reading! Get in touch with the team here at DUX if you want to discuss how to make your site safe and secure!