Banners & Exhibitions, Covid & DUX

Rewind, if you will, back to early January. Social distancing was nary a speck on the horizon, Brexit – not Covid – was the acronym that du jour newspapers, and the early-year exhibition season was in full swing.

We were working with one of our clients on an infographic that was to dominate their stand at the upcoming Enforcetac . Our idea was to show the business processes that were at the heart of our client’s operation through an enticing visual format. To that end, we designed, refined, re-defined a 6 by 4 foot infographic, which we promptly arranged to be printed and subsequently stored in large tubes. This tubes, unfortunately, would be our artwork’s permanent home for the next six months, as Enforcetac was just one of the spate of exhibitions to be cancelled as the pandemic marched inexorably on. What was to be the centrepiece of a stand that had been weeks in the making was now a white elephant, unable to unravel as the surrounding society seemed to be doing the polar opposite around it.

Thankfully, the tale of the hiding infographic will have a happy ending, as our client will finally have the opportunity to use the infographic at an exhibition (pandemic-permitting) in early November. Its prolific size will allow it to be enjoyed by all at a very social distance. A positive outcome from yet another frustrating Covid tale.

Stay safe and hopefully see you at next year’s Enforcetac!


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